oneAPI OpenMP Workshop

A hands-on, practical workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of programming in a heterogeneous environment.

This free workshop is sponsored by Intel, with training provided by certified instructors from the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab and Research Computing Services at the University of Cambridge.


OpenMP* offload constructs are a set of directives for C++ and Fortran that were introduced in OpenMP 4.0 and further enhanced in later versions. These directives allow developers to offload data and execution to target accelerators such as GPUs. OpenMP offload is supported in the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit with the Intel® C++ Compiler and the Intel® Fortran Compiler, and targets Intel® Graphics including Xe Architecture from Intel.

Follow this learning path to get hands-on practice with OpenMP Offload Basics using a Jupyter* Notebook on Intel® Developer Cloud.

Who is this for?

Developers will learn the basics of applying OpenMP offload directives to target GPUs.

What will I be able to do?

Practice the essential concepts and features of OpenMP offload with live sample code on Intel Developer Cloud.


To register, visit the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab

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