Research Cold Store

Research Cold Store

For the longevity of infrequently accessed data

Research Cold Store provides competitively priced, resilient, enterprise-grade storage that allows users to store large amounts of infrequently accessed research data. Its features have been designed to balance the need to protect data in accordance with its value and longevity against prohibitive costs.

This service is ideally suited to research groups or projects that use data intensive methods or techniques and has been designed so that stored data remains easily accessible. This service would especially suit researchers who have large data sets they are not currently using, but which they may need to return to in the future.

Combined with other research storage services, Research Cold Store is a cost effective way to manage the data lifecycle. Researchers can use this service to create space on more expensive storage platforms and make it available for new active data.

With no upper limit on the amount of data storage you can purchase and two copies of data, both held in Cambridge, this service can be accessed through all UIS research computing and data analytics platforms through our High Performance Computing data center network.

The Research Cold Store service platform’s underlying technology offers resilience and is deployed across two different data centres in Cambridge. Other features include:

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Supports SFTP and RSYNC protocols

  • Minimum purchase 5TB

  • Licences for 1, 3 or 5 years

  • Accessible via Windows, Mac and Linux platforms

  • Support through the UIS service desk


If users run out of space at any point during their licence, they can easily add more space, the cost of which will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.


For quotations and purchase options, visit our self-service portal.

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