Research Computing Services

The University of Cambridge's national centre for digital research infrastructure

Research Computing Services (RCS) designs, deploys and maintains some of the world's most high performance computational and data storage systems. We offer advanced, secure and scalable digital research infrastructure for the University, the wider UK academic community and select commercial partners. 

Whether your desktop or laptop has become a bottle neck to your research plans, or you need to scale to 1000s of CPUs, or analyse petabytes of data, the RCS provides our research community with services at every scale.

  • High performance computing

  • Fast, large-scale storage options

  • Research software engineering

  • Secure research platforms


RCS is home to the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab, an industrially-funded initiative, sponsored by Dell Technologies, and in partnership with UKAEA, DiRAC, Intel, and Pembroke College. RCS also hosts the research software engineering team for the Institute for Computing in Climate Science.


Research Computing Services offers the systems, expertise and training to enable computational science and digital scholarship. We support researchers and industrial partners by providing the resources for their data, software and compute intensive workflows.

Innovation Activities

Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab

The Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab is an exciting new initiative to evolve and utilise the next generation of advanced technologies that will form the world’s most powerful supercomputers. These state-of-the-art zettascale systems will help us to solve some of the global challenges humanity faces: from the climate change that threatens our existence, through to the devastating effects of disease, food insecurity and a lack of access to healthcare services.

Institute of Computing for Climate Science

The Institute of Computing for Climate Science studies and supports the role of software engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence and data science within climate science. 

oneAPI Centre of Excellence

The oneAPI Centre of Excellence contributes to open accelerated computing, propelling the next generation of innovation with open standards, collaboration, and support as part of this ecosystem. Led by top influencers in academia and industry, a oneAPI Center of Excellence delivers the acceleration and adoption of oneAPI, enabling open source code bases, curriculum development, and furthering the oneAPI ecosystem initiative. Primarily, they drive innovation for open, standards-based, cross-architecture, unified programming models.


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