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Research Computing Services

About The Team: Christopher Edsall

Christopher Edsall is the Head of Research Software Engineering at RCS. He leads the team of research software engineers with the goal of better software enabling better research. He studied physics at the University of Canterbury and then workd in several reseearch institutions in New Zealand and...

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About the Team: Wojciech Turek

Wojciech Turek is the Head of Research Computing Platforms at RCS. He leads a team of skilled engineers and technology experts, specialising in high performance computing, storage and cloud computing. He also is responsible for management of Research Computing infrastructure and systems operations...

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About the Team: Dr Stuart Rankin

Dr Stuart Rankin is the Head of Research Computing User Services at RCS. He has been administering high performance computing systems for research scientists in Cambridge and beyond for over 20 years. Originally from a Mathematics and High Energy Physics background, Dr Rankin started his HPC career...

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About the Team: Dr Paul Calleja

Dr Paul Calleja is the Director of RCS, where he provides research computing services across all academic disciplines. Dr.Calleja obtained his Ph.D. in computational bio-physics at Bath University. After filling a post-doctoral research position at Birkbeck College, he moved into private industry...

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