secure research computing

Secure Research Computing

A trusted environment for research with confidential data

The Secure Research Computing Platform (SRCP) is an ISO 27001 certified trusted research environment designed to meet the needs of researchers who work with sensitive or confidential data. SRCP provides a secure, isolated, and controlled environment for data storage, processing, and analysis that adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and security. 

SRCP provides researchers with a range of tools and resources to facilitate their work, such as high-performance computing resources, software applications, data management tools, and collaboration capabilities. The platform also includes advanced security features such as access controls, data encryption, and monitoring capabilities to ensure that sensitive data is protected from unauthorised access or disclosure.

SRCP is designed to support a wide range of research activities, including those involving medical records, financial data, and other sensitive information. By providing a secure and trusted computing environment, researchers can collaborate with colleagues and share data with confidence, knowing that their research activities are protected and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Our user documentation for the SRCP service can be found here

Available SRCP Platforms

  • Virtual HPC (vHPC) – Linux based virtualized high performance computing platform, provides access to powerful computing resources such as latest CPU and GPU servers inside private virtual tenancies which enable researchers to perform complex data analysis, computations and simulations on sensitive and confidential data. The vHPC provides a similar environment to that available in CSD3 with added security and access controls. 

  • REDCap – secure web-based software platform designed to support research studies by facilitating the collection, management, and analysis of research data. SRCP provides access to a self managed REDCap platform. We are also hosting a secure REDCap Safe Haven which is a University wide service provided by the CAM:IDE

  • Secure Windows Desktop – provides access to Microsoft Windows remote desktop solution with dedicated secure group storage and additional access and security controls. It enables researchers who use Windows in their daily work to access and collaboratively work on sensitive and confidential data. 


Governance and Compliance

Governance in a Secure Research Computing Platform (SRCP) encompasses the set of policies, procedures, and guidelines that govern the use of the platform and the data stored and processed within it. These governance frameworks are put in place to ensure that the platform is used in a secure, responsible, and compliant manner.

  • Access controls are used to manage access to the platform and the data stored within it. This includes measures such as strong authentication, authorization controls, and access logging.

  • SRCP employs information security frameworks to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. SRCP is ISO27001 certified as well as compliant with the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. This means that we are regularly audited by external certification bodies to ensure compliance.  

  • Risk management policies and procedures are put in place to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with the use of the platform and the data stored within it. This includes measures such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and risk assessments.

  • Incident response and management measures such as incident reporting, incident response planning, and incident handling.

  • SRCP security is managed by use of Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is overseen by the ISMS and Governance Group which is responsible for strategic direction and effectiveness of the ISMS.


Service Charge


If you are a member of the University of Cambridge, you can view the costs of our services here.

The University funding model requires the RCS (Research Computing Services) to recover all direct costs for its activities and services, consequently, the RCS has developed a business model that seeks to recover all direct costs (with no overheads) for its activities and services via usage charging mechanisms. 

There are two main components of the SRCP charging model:

  • An annual subscription charge targeted at recovering staff, hardware and infrastructure software licences (excluding specialist research software), costs for maintaining the ISMS, required certifications and including onboarding and managing users and studies.

  • A resource consumption charge covers cost of provisioned resources such as compute and storage that are requested by the client. The resource consumption charges will depend on the amount and type of resources requested by the client. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.


How to get this service 

If you are interested in this service please fill this form.


For existing platforms please use the user access request form. Please note this requires a Raven account. 

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