Computational Biology

Computational Biology

Solving current challenges in genomic data analysis and visualisation

The Computational Biology Lab is focused on the development of advanced computing solutions using the most modern HPC and Big Data technologies to solve current challenges in genomic data analysis and visualisation.

We are interested in developing new algorithms and bioinformatic tools for the analysis of genomic data that will enable researchers to understand what biological processes, genes or variants are involved in different phenotypes or diseases. 

Our main lines of research cover: 

  • Characterisation and analysis of genomic variants 

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing and analysis 

  • Computational Systems Biology HPC and Big Data (Hadoop, Spark) software development for genome scale data analysis 

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining 

  • Cloud-based solutions to process and manage large amounts of data 

  • Databases and Genome scale data visualisation

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