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Research Computing Services

Our mission is to empower researchers and industrial partners to produce high quality scientific software and machine learning solutions that run optimally on state-of-the-art high performance computers. We collaborate with researchers at the University of Cambridge as well as other National and International institutions, pursuing the objective "Better Software for Better Research". 

Services we offer

  • Software engineering consulting
  • We design, extend, and refactor scientific software in all subject areas
  • Analyse and optimise existing scientific software
  • Modernise legacy software
  • Migrate existing applications to HPC
  • Accelerate existing applications with GPUs

Recent exemplar projects

  • Modernisation and GPU acceleration of the PROMPI stellar evolution code (via DiRAC)
  • RADDISH: Implementation of a crowding agent based model in C++, OpenMP and MPI
  • CVODE support in FEniCS
  • Optimal parallelisation in CASTEP
  • Optimisation CASTEP on Intel's Knight's Landing (KNL) Platform
  • ExoAI: exoplanet discovery via deep learning
  • Distributed-memory parallelisation of TROVE (Theoretical ROVibrational Energies)

Recent reports and publications

RSE Team

  • Chris Edsall (Team Lead)
  • Alexander Smith
  • Arjen Tamerus
  • Jack Atkinson
  • Kacper Kornet
  • Kiril Dichev
  • Matt Archer
  • Simon Clifford
  • Stefanie Reuter


  • Filippo Spiga (now Nvidia)
  • Christoforos Hadjigeorgiou ( now Francis Crick Institute)
  • Eleftherios Avramidis (now Arm)
  • Jeffrey Salmond (now consulting)
  • Piero Coronica (now Max Plank CDF)
  • Athena Elafrou (now Nvidia)