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Research Computing Services

Fortran: Attributed to

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) team works on a variety of technical projects in various fields, from digital humanities to astrophysics. The team works with researchers at the University of Cambridge as well as other National and International collaborations, pursuing the objective "Better Software for Better Research".                                                                                                                  

Some recent projects the team has participated in include:

  • CVODE support in FEniCS
  • Optimal parallelisation in CASTEP
  • Optimisation CASTEP on Intel's Knight's Landing Platform
  • Atom-Based Configuration Database
  • Quantum NSynth
  • An interactive visual tool to explore and interact with Shakespeare's sonnets
  • High-performance artificial intelligence: scaling machine learning on supercomputers
  • Distributed-memory parallelisation of TROVE (Theoretical ROVibrational Energies)
  • Accelerated solvers for the Lattice-Element Method
  • Square Kilometre Array - Science Data Processor

The RSE team also works closely with the teams that build and manage the Peta4 and Wilkes2 supercomputing systems, ensuring that applications run efficiently and effectively.