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Research Computing Services

University of Cambridge - External Application Form


This form should be completed by individual users external to the University of Cambridge to apply for an account on the University's Research Computing Service systems. The Primary Contact(s) will be asked via email to confirm the application. Individuals applying for an external user account under a University of Cambridge principal investigator (PI) should enter the PI's name as the Primary Contact; in other cases, this will be a member of your own organisation who we have agreed can approve the application.

Before entering personal data into this form, please review the Research Computing Services Privacy Policy. You will need to consent to this policy before submitting your data.

University members should apply for an account using the internal application form.

Organisation Information
User Declaration

I have read the rules and conditions relating to network use and the CUDN privacy policy as provided by University Information Services, I understand that use of Research Computing Service resources is subject to these rules and I agree to abide by these rules:

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Please note that this application should be submitted by the user whose details are entered above. Any application submitted by another person will be automatically rejected.

Clicking the Submit button below will send a copy of this application to the email address entered for the user.