SYCL tutorial

Introduction to SYCL Tutorial @ IWOCL/SYCL Con '23

Events from our oneAPI Centre of Excellence

This introductory workshop on Tuesday 18 April 2023 explores the challenges of programming for heterogeneous high performance computing systems. 


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In this hands-on training, learners will be guided by Intel-qualified Research Software Engineers from Research Computing Services at the University of Cambridge. The team have delivered this training to multiple audiences over the last several years. The workshop will explain how SYCL can solve the challenges of programming in a heterogeneous world. It will help learners to use tools like Intel’s oneAPI to enable their research workflows. The workshop will provide an introduction to the SYCL language and programming model with an emphasis on practical exercises. Learners will be led through short presentations, followed by exercises giving them a solid foundation to build on. Learners will gain experience in using the SYCL programming language to target different types of accelerator devices (e.g., CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs). Research Computing Services will provide access to the CSD3 supercomputer at Cambridge for the purpose of the workshop. The session will include familiarisation on the use Jupyter notebooks and a programming challenge towards the end.

The modules to be covered include:

Introduction to oneAPI and SYCL

  • SYCL Program Structure

  • SYCL Unified Shared Memory

  • SYCL Sub Groups

  • SYCL Kernel Reductions

  • SYCL Task Scheduling and Data Dependency


Delegates attending this tutorial should bring their own laptop to run the hands on sessions. Remote access to the Cambridge supercomputers will be provided using the Cambridge Service for Data-Driven Discovery (CSD3) and Open OnDemand. These services require multi factor authentication so attendees will need a smart phone to complete the installation.