AI & Data Analysis

AI & Data Analysis

We offer multiple services through the Wilkes supercomputer to enable researchers to exploit opportunities provided by the growth in AI and Machine Learning (ML). 

Wilkes is our Graphical Processing Units (GPU) partition, comprising 320 Nvidia A100s, each with 80GB of memory for increased throughput required by applications such as MatLab, PyTorch and TensorFlow. 

The Cambridge Research Cloud (CRC) provides high performance data analytics services, to complement the batch-queued High Performance Computing (HPC) service provided by Wilkes. With an emphasis on flexibility and ease of use over outright performance, CRC is an integrated solution to store, manage, and analyse complex datasets relevant to a range of disciplines. 

Key features of the CRC include support for containerised workloads, handling of controlled-access data to meet security requirements, and support for GPU-accelerated workflows. 

Storage is provided by Ceph, a flexible and scalable software-defined solution. Ceph provides support for compute platforms including Apache Spark, a distributed processing system used for big data workloads, implemented using the Kubernetes orchestration system for delivering containerised applications.


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