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Research Data Storage Services

The Research Data Storage services are designed to meet the growing need for mass data storage across the University. These services offer a competitively priced alternative to storage on local platforms, which can be costly to introduce and maintain, or on external drives, where data may be physically vulnerable and there is little or no guarantee that lost, stolen or corrupted data can be recovered.

While other storage options are available through cloud-based providers, our service delivers unique capabilities including Cambridge-based secure storage, which is available on both the Cambridge University Data Network and the High Performance Computing data centre network, and technical support offered through the Research Computing  service desk.

All of our services are designed with the specific needs of people working in institutions either at or associated with the University of Cambridge and are underpinned by scalable, high performance and resilient infrastructure. This offers both individuals and teams with storage needs confidence that their data will be available where and when they need it.

To learn more about the Research Storage Storage services – all of which are available now – please visit:

Research Data Store (RDS)

The Research Data Store (RDS) provides large scale, enterprise grade, storage for Cambridge research data associated with registered Cambridge research Principal Investigators (PI). This high performance data storage service is ideal for research groups that wish to store data on a full enterprise storage platform with disaster recovery capabilities to ensure data safety. In addition to its standard mode of access it is also available on the UIS HPC services.

Research File Share (RFS)

Research File Share (RFS) provides large scale, enterprise grade storage that can be purchased by Principal Investigators (PI). It is suitable for group shares and need additional protection and accessibility. In particular, this service delivers a highly resilient storage solution that provides snapshots and backups to allow fast recovery of lost files. Self-service model of RFS allows research groups to take control of the purchased data storage and allocated it as needed across projects. The provided self-service portal allows to manage the storage allocations and control access to data shares.

Research Cold Store (RCS)

The Research Cold Store (RCS) service provides competitively priced, resilient, enterprise grade storage that allows users to store large amounts of infrequently accessed research data associated with registered Cambridge Principal Investigators (PI). Its features have been designed to balance the need to protect data in accordance with its value and longevity against prohibitive costs. It is suitable for storing data that can tolerate high latency read access.