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Accelerating Deep Learning using NVIDIA GPU (Oct. 2015)

On October 1st 2015 HPCS organized in collaboration with NVIDIA about Accelerating Deep Learning using NVIDIA GPU. Around 40 participats attended the event making the day a wonderful opportunity to networking.

Topics covered include state-of-the-art of cuDDN, some popular GPU-accelerated Deep Learning frameworks, the DIGIT platform and examples of work NVIDIA has done in collaboration with research and industrial partners.

Here the list of the talks and the presentations of NVIDIA and industrial guests:

IBD for Deep Learning [PDF]
Jack Watts, Channel Sales Manager - PSG, NVIDIA

Deep Learning Impact on Modern Life [PDF]
Alison Lowndes, Deep Learning Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

GPU Profiling for Deep Learning [PDF]
Jeremy Appleyard, Developer Technology Engineer, NVIDIA

Developing Better Drugs with Deep Learning [PDF]
Jeffrey Ng, CTO Stratified Medical

Applied Deep Learning in Speech Recognition [PDF-1, PDF-2]
Nigel Cannings, CTO Intelligent Voice



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