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Research Computing Services

Research Computing Services (RCS) works with a broad range of government, industry, University and other partners.

Many of these partnerships have been long-standing including:

  • Science and Technology Funding Council (STFC) - funds DiRAC (Distributed Research utilising Advanced Computing), Since 2010 RCS has participated in this federated HPC facility crossing the UK and providing resources to researchers in particle physics, astrophysics and astronomy. DiRAC is a partial funder of the CSD3 facility.
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) - partly funded the CSD3 facility with instructions to provide UK Tier2 HPC resources to ESPRC funded researchers across the UK.
  • Cambridge Dell Intel Centre - Funded by Dell and Intel Innovation Lab to design, develop and share with the wider community solutions and systems for HPC, Storage and Big Data analysis. Also provides a benchmarking facility with access to the latest research computing and storage platforms.
  • CORE Advantage Limited - University spin-out facilitating industrial access to RCS resources and knowhow.
  • WGS10K - project to analyse 10,000 genomes implicated in rare blood diseases. Extensive and long-standing use of RCS resources, managed out of the Department of Haematology.
  • GAIA - galaxy mapping project, a dedicated big data cluster running Apache Hadoop operated by RCS on behalf of researchers at the Institute of Astronomy.
  • Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - providing computing supporting for this major astronomy project, established to answer key questions in modern astrophysics and cosmology.
  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) - RCS provides hosting service and research computing resources through the Clinical Cloud service.
  • Medical Research Council (MRC) - RCS provides managed cluster hosting and research computing services to a number of MRC units associated with the University of Cambridge.


We are providing operational support for managed HPC and Cloud platforms

  • Compute and storage resources for the School of Biological Sciences
  • Clinical Cloud compute resources for the School of Clinical Medicine
  • HPHI OpenStack-based virtual compute resources and storage
  • Hadoop Development cluster for use by the Computational Biology Lab and Ouwehand group (Haematology)
  • Genomics England (GEL) storage and dedicated compute nodes
  • MRC Biostatistics Unit, dedicated storage and CPU/GPU compute nodes
  • MRC Epidemiology Unit, dedicated CPU compute nodes
  • MRC Cancer Unit HPC consultancy and cluster support
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (DTAL) dedicated nodes with local storage
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology dedicated compute resources (for  Fairen-Jiminez group and the CoMo project)
  • Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy dedicated compute nodes (Materials Theory Group, Prof Chris Pickard)
  • Department of Engineering dedicated compute nodes (Ding group)
  • Department of Zoology dedicated login node
  • BRIDGE project dedicated storage (with network upload from Illumina)
  • Personalized Breast Cancer project storage (with network upload from Illumina)
  • Department of Cardiovascular Epidemiology, twin standalone managed clusters.