University Facilities

University Facilities

Digital research infrastructure for the University of Cambridge and beyond

Individuals and research groups internal to the University of Cambridge (and affiliated institutions) are eligible for an allocation of free-at-point-of-use hours on the system in each University financial quarter. Please apply for access by using the form for internal users.

In addition to the free hours you are entitled to, you may purchase additional credits at any time by departmental purchase order. Please ask your department to raise a purchase order (PO) to University Information Services for the desired number and type of resource units, using the information on the charges for internal users page. Please be sure to mention on the PO the name of the project, or the PI, owning the new resources, and email the PDF of the PO to

Please contact if you wish to discuss costs or the amount of CSD3 resources you will require. 

Note that EPSRC-funded University of Cambridge researchers can also apply for CSD3 resources through calls for Tier2 resources. Similarly, it may also be possible for STFC-funded University of Cambridge researchers to apply for resources through DiRAC or IRIS National facilities (for which CSD3 is a service provider).

We recommend that you apply for access as a University of Cambridge user before exploring these options. You will then have convenient access to both Cambridge and National facility resources from the one user account. 

For more information, please contact