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The CSD3 system is available to users from the University of Cambridge, other academic institutions or industry. There are a wide variety of mechanisms for accessing CSD3 including special access routes for research projects under EPSRC and STFC, and also simply paying for resources on the system.

We are very keen to provide access to the CSD3 system for researchers who wish to develop innovative computational methods that exploit some of the unique features of the system. These features may include the heterogeneous architecture of Peta4 and Wilkes2, the accelerated storage, and the close integration with openstack and big-data systems.

If you wish to discuss your eligibility to apply for resources and the suitability of your work please contact

Internal University of Cambridge users with an existing or new Principal Investigator (PI), or Tier2/DiRAC users with a known project, should see the User Registration page for details of how to obtain a login account on CSD3.

Free Use

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (and affiliated institutions in Cambridge) are eligible for a limited allocation of free time on the system. This free time is provided at a lower service level (SL3) than paid, EPSRC & DiRAC projects (SL1 & SL2), which limits the size, length and priority of jobs.

Paid Use

Paid access to CSD3 system is available to any user, whether from the University of Cambridge, another academic institution or industry, under a simple pay-for-use mechanism.

If you are an internal University of Cambridge user, you may purchase credits (in addition to the limited free-access given to internal users) at any time by departmental purchase order. Please see this page.

If internal University of Cambridge users wish to include the costs of CSD3 resources on a research grant please contact to discuss the amount of CSD3 resources you will require and the cost of these resources to be added to the grant. Note that EPSRC-funded Cambridge researchers can also apply for CSD3 resources through calls for Tier2 resources.

For more information on paid access please contact

EPSRC Projects

Researchers, at the University of Cambridge or other UK academic institutions, on projects under the EPSRC remit can apply to access CSD3 as a Tier2 HPC resource. In addition to the access routes listed below, it has been agreed that researchers can apply for paid resources at Tier2 Centres on EPSRC research grants.

Open Access Calls

Open Access calls to all the EPSRC Tier 2 Centres will be run in conjunction with the Open Access calls for ARCHER. Previous succesful projects are listed here


To obtain access to CSD3 to, for example

  • simply test whether a programme compiles and runs,
  • benchmark the performance of an application on the system,
  • gather the data needed to complete the Technical Assessment required for Open Access applications for resources on CSD3,
  • gather supporting data for applying for CSD3 resources on EPSRC grants,

‘pump-priming’ access is available. This will grant a relatively small allocation of resources for a limited period of time (up to six months). Applications for pump-priming access can be made by email to

STFC/DiRAC Projects

Researchers, at the University of Cambridge or other UK academic institutions, can apply for time on CSD3 as one of the DiRAC HPC systems.  For more information see the DiRAC call page.