Getting Started on CSD3 Tutorials

Getting Started on CSD3 Tutorials

1: SSH login to CSD3

Everything you need to know in order to use command line SSH to login to CSD3 at the University of Cambridge, including how to generate key pairs (needed for external users, at 1:35) and how to set up MFA (6:05). 

Additional Notes:

The documentation site is https://docs.hpc.cam.ac.uk

At 10:12, I mention that external users who have created a key pair will skip the password step – this is true, but they will be asked to unlock the private key with its passphrase. Using an SSH agent with ssh-add to unlock the key just once may be more convenient (on Windows, start the OpenSSH Authentication Agent service, then use ssh-add to add the private key). 

At 21:32, for graphical applications to "just work" you may need to use ssh -Y.

2: Web login to CSD3

How to use a web browser to access CSD3 using the Open OnDemand portal.