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Research Computing Services

CSD3 is a provider of resources through the EPSRC Tier2 open-access calls where researchers, at the University of Cambridge or other UK academic institutions, on projects under the EPSRC remit can apply to access CSD3 as a Tier2 HPC resource. It has also been agreed that researchers can apply for paid resources at Tier2 Centres on EPSRC research grants. 

To gain access to a succesful Tier2 project, both internal and external users of UK Tier2 resources on the Cambridge Research Computing systems should register with Tier2 SAFE and request login access to Cambridge/CSD3 under the relevant project.

Open Access Calls

Details of the current open-access call are listed here. Please contact with any questions about the application process.

Previous projects have requested between 2-5 million CPU hours or 50-200 thousand GPU hours. Open-access calls to all the EPSRC Tier 2 Centres will be run in conjunction with the Open Access calls for ARCHER. 

We ask that you acknowledge use of the Cambridge Tier-2 system in all publications and presentations which use any results generated through your use of the Tier-2 system and you must send us copies of publications (or provide links). The following acknowledgement can be used in papers: This work has been performed using resources provided by the Cambridge Tier-2 system operated by the University of Cambridge Research Computing Service ( funded by EPSRC Tier-2 capital grant EP/T022159/1.


To obtain access to CSD3 to, for example

  • simply test whether a programme compiles and runs,
  • benchmark the performance of an application on the system,
  • gather the data needed to complete the Technical Assessment required for Open Access applications for resources on CSD3,
  • gather supporting data for applying for CSD3 resources on EPSRC grants,

‘pump-priming’ access is available. This will grant a relatively small allocation of resources for a limited period of time (up to six months). Applications for pump-priming access can be made by email to