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Our lab actively participates in several active research projects, the most relevant of which include the following.

Genomics England (GEL)

Genomics England is a NHS project which aims to sequence 100,000 genomes from rare diseases, cancer and infectious diseases. Our role in this project is to help the GEL Bioinformatics Department led by Dr. Augusto Rendon to develop a big data solution for the storage, analysis and visualization of all the genomic variants found. This includes the variant annotation and the sample metadata storage for performing more complex analysis.

Multi-Scale Complex Genomics (MuG), H2020 project

The Multi-Scale Complex Genomics (MuG) Virtual Research Infrastructure (VRE) wants to introduce order into the current chaotic situation by organizing the community resources (software and data) and by moving it closer to the HPC world. MuG aims to be a reference meeting point for the 3D/4D genomics community, as well as the natural interface between experimental biologists doing research with chromatin (DNA in a cell), physicists developing methods to simulate it, and computer scientists aiming to improve analysis and simulation tools, data storage, sharing and integration solutions.



We also collaborate with many research groups.

EMBL-EBI Variation

We collaborate with Justin Paschal in the development of the EVA repository. The OpenCGA NoSQL database is used to store and index thousands of VCF from different species, and other OpenCB projects are also being included.


A project collaboration with Stefan Graf and Chris Penkett from BRIDGE that aims to sequence 10,000 genomes from rare diseases. Different projects in OpenCB are being used and developed together to store and visualize all these genomic variants.


Several collaborations are active with Joaquin Dopazo from CIPF to develop and improve not only some OpenCB projects such as Genome Maps or CellMaps visualization tools, but also some other tools such as Babelomics or BiERapp.